How can airlines incorporate sustainability?

Sustainability in Aviation industry

Aviation is crucial for our worldwide public, as it’s a commodity for economic, social, and cultural expansion around the globe. Nowadays passengers, crew, employees, and supervisors are more and more aware of the atmosphere and GHG emissions. The worldwide aviation industry generates around 2% of all CO2 emissions, with the major fraction of carbon emissions coming from jet fuel consumption. In 2019, the aviation industry produced 915 million tons of CO2.

As a result, airlines need to take action to diminish their environmental footprint by incorporating sustainability into all their daily operations. It can be done in the following ways-

1. Reducing Fuel Consumption

Enhancing fuel efficiency is questionably a good way to decrease greenhouse gases, few airlines are performing this practice by cutting weight on the airline. Lowering single-use plastics and accepting biofuels are two ways to reduce fuel consumption on the existing fleet.

2. Biofuels

Biofuels are believed as an efficient sustainable solution. Moreover, at this moment, they are more costly than conventional jet fuel.

3. Eliminating Single-Use Plastics

Few airlines are making changes in consumers’ buying habits and making modifications such as dumping duty-free sales mid-flight. This reduces their need of carrying extra supplies which will automatically lower fuel consumption.

5. Look Local for Food Service

Supporting in the vicinity sourced foods lowers the footprint for food transport. Recently Singapore Airlines introduced a “farm-to-plane” concept on their world’s longest flight.

6. Carbon Offsets

Protecting old growth forests and planting new trees helps in protecting the environment and investing in projects like wind farms that focus on renewable energy sources. Various airlines offer alternatives for passengers to buy carbon offsets.

7. Educate Passengers

Not all passengers are aware of their environmental options as others. Flying economy instead of business class and packing lightly are two ways of promoting sustainability in the airline industry as a smaller plane means less fuel expenditure.


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