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What is Decarbonization energy? Decarbonization of energy refers to the process of reducing the carbon footprint of energy production and consumption, typically through the increased use of renewable energy sources and the implementation of energy efficiency measures. Some examples of decarbonization energy include: Decarbonization of energy is important for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and addressing […]

Climate Change policies of India Policies in Gujarat    Gujarat Solar Power Policy, 2021 Gujarat has so far reached 11,000 MW of production capability and has set a goal of producing 30,000 MW of green energy by 2022, the majority of which will be wind and solar energy. Gujarat has outlined the potential for significant [...]
Climate change impacts on Israel The gradually unfurling catastrophe might be sufficient to evacuate 6,000,000 Egyptians, notwithstanding millions more relocating from parts of the Sahel. There, land corruption is incurring significant damage and deplorable warmth has become the standard, making a wide area of Africa, effectively the landmass with the quickest developing populace on the [...]
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