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A green highway is a term used to describe a roadway that incorporates features that promote sustainable development and environmental protection. These features can include things like: Use of native plant species for landscaping and erosion control Implementation of stormwater management systems to reduce runoff and improve water quality Incorporation of bike lanes and pedestrian [...]
Metropolitan environment flexibility needs to depend on logical information and sound scientific system enveloping metropolitan arranging and financial investigation. In this examination, we have endeavored to recognize and investigate the prompt furthermore, medium-term effects of flooding occasions in a quickly developing metropolitan arrangement of Surat city (Gujarat, India). We have utilized the HEC-RAS model to [...]
Singapore City, Singapore Singapore has been consciously designed from its start as a British colony in 1819 to the present-day independent country, and it has shown that having a long-term vision is essential to creating a successful city. Built on a patch of seemingly unusable swampy ground, Singapore City is famous for its innovative architecture [...]
The smart Transportation systems in major cities Sacramento: Creating the capital of electric carsElectric vehicles have made great strides in recent years, but even evangelists acknowledge a persistent problem: how to create cars—and infrastructure—that won’t leave any electric vehicle drivers stranded or worried about finding their next charge. Detroit: Multimodal Ambitions in the Motor CityDetroit’s [...]
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