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A sustainable supply chain is one in which ethical and ecologically responsible practices are completely integrated into a competitive and profitable model. End-to-end supply chain openness is essential; sustainability measures must encompass everything from raw material procurement to last-mile transportation, as well as product returns and recycling. The growth of supply chain transparency and sustainability [...]
While traditionally, investors used to evaluate their success based on their financial gains only, today things have changed. With climate change becoming an issue of global concern; more and more prominent investors, businesses and institutions are realizing the risks associated with a capitalistic mindset. It is not surprising therefore that the topic of sustainable finance [...]
What is diversity? Diversity and Inclusion are often used together in tandem but are both unique terms. Diversity means being composed of differing elements. In a workplace, diversity means that the workforce is made up of employees of different races, genders, career backgrounds, skills, etc. Diversity is proven to make communities and workplaces more productive, [...]
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