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End-to-end phases in infrastructure project The entire process may be broken down into four primary segments (sometimes known as Steps, Phases, or Process Groups):   Planning (Conceptualization etc.),  Development,  Implementation,  Close-out   Let's look at how each of these factors affects the project life cycle.   Planning This is the first phase in the process [...]
While traditionally, investors used to evaluate their success based on their financial gains only, today things have changed. With climate change becoming an issue of global concern; more and more prominent investors, businesses and institutions are realizing the risks associated with a capitalistic mindset. It is not surprising therefore that the topic of sustainable finance [...]
Climate Change Effects on Alpine Environmental change is now influencing the European Alps, and variation is of fundamental significance The Alps are especially touchy to environmental change, and ongoing warming has been approximately multiple times the worldwide normal. The years 1994, 2000, 2002, and especially 2003 have been the hottest on record in the Alps [...]
Keys notes of Sanitation Norms of WHO • In 2017, 45% of the worldwide populace (3.4 billion individuals) utilized a securely overseen sterilization administration. • 31% of the worldwide populace (2.4 billion individuals) utilized private disinfection offices associated with sewers from which wastewater was dealt with. • 14% of the worldwide populace (1.0 billion individuals) [...]
  What does sustainability mean to you? Sustainability means, literally, that something can be maintained. A business can (and should!) be economically sustainable. However, sustainability doesn’t necessarily mean that it operates ethically. So when we refer to sustainability in business, I think it’s better to talk about the social and/or environmental responsibility of a company, [...]
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