Green Products

Green Products

Problems with companies– Green products require innovation and a lot of investment. This increases the cost of developing the products, which results in companies not switching toward changing their supply chain and products.

Solutions we provide– Terrasustain provides a comprehensive solution that enables our clients to convey the environmental impact of their products assertively throughout the value chain.

Industries we serve

  • Investors
  • Utilities
  • Oil and Gas
  • Renewable Energies
  • Food and Agritech
  • Manufacturing

Steps involved includes

  • Goals and Scope
  • Supply chain management and procurement
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Strategic Management
  • Brand integrity assurance

Product Development and R&D

Developing eco-innovative ways of product development.

Safety and performance testing and analysis

Assessing and mitigating risk, preserving and promoting human health, and protecting the environment.

Regulatory assessment

Ensuring your products are compliant with global standards and enabling market access.

End-to-end environmental assessment

We figure out products environmental footprint to provide the critical data needed to improve and produce environmentally friendly products.

Life Cycle Development Analyst

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