Life Cycle Analysis

Life Cycle Analysis

Eco-Innovation (LCA) is a “cradle-to-grave” approach for assessing products. “Cradle-to-grave” begins with the gathering of raw materials from the earth to create the product and ends at the point when all materials are returned to the earth.

The goal of Eco-Innovation assessment  is to:

  • Quantify or otherwise characterize all the inputs and outputs over a product’s life span
  • Specify the potential environmental impacts of these material flows
  • Consider alternative approaches that change those impacts for the better.

Top three areas of assessment

  • Material Processing
  • Transportation
  • End of Life

Steps involved includes

  • Goals and Scope
  • Life Cycle Inventory
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Final report on results
  • Implementation of strategy

Product Development and R&D

Developing eco-innovative ways of product development.

SCM and Procurement

Evaluating suppliers that meet the needs of building green product

Marketing and Sales

Communicate competitive advantage of your products

Strategic Management

Avoid risks and become leader in the market.

Life Cycle Development Analyst