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Policy Development to Support Solar Cooling in Thailand as a Demonstration Project for Southeast Asia Solar Cooling technologies have been showcased as prototypes in certain establishments of Thailand. However, a strong policy should encourage and facilitate business models to implement solar cooling on a larger scale. The project will lead to the development of a [...]
Completed materiality assessment for tech sector leader by independently researching, analyzing, and benchmarking six competitors, creating discussion guides for key stakeholder groups, and interviewing 30+ internal and external stakeholders to identify top material ESG issues.   ESG Strategy and Framework development, ESG Integration Model, ESG Due Diligence framework, and EDDR checklist for pre-screening using the [...]
Build audit and assessment tools used globally. Improved compliance efforts of the Nike Malaysian factory base. Directed strategic initiatives to achieve statistically valid wages during the period when Minimum Wages were not implemented in Malaysia/Singapore.  Analyzed and addressed migrant workers' management issues thus facilitating Nike taking the lead in the global initiative on foreign workers' [...]
Solid Waste Management of the state Responsible for designing and implementing data collection models for the generation of compliance reports to the Ohio EPA. Responsible for data collection and analysis with the goal of better understanding the shape and capacity of the recycling infrastructure within the county. Responsible for the preparation of the Solid Waste [...]
Reduce the environmental impact of the product. Research into sustainable fashion initiatives such as alternative materials and material sourcing. Engaged in a new international auction scheme of offcut and excess materials to minimize the level of material waste produced after each fashion season. This scheme was created due to the publication of Burberrys ‘Burning of [...]
Build sustainability frameworks for the companies Benchmarked 21 customers’ and competitors’ sustainability actions through external reports and use of global sustainability frameworks (UN SDGs, CDP, GRI, etc.), which resulted in the company disclosing more information externally using sustainability frameworks to become an industry leader. Year: 2014 Location: USA Client: United Nations OUR PROJECTSRecent Portfolio All10Advisory3Business1Consulting3Finance1Marketing2 [...]
Create environmental datasets from satellite imagery Performed data collection and spatial analysis in order to verify and update the natural resource management database. This subsequently produced maps that informed decision making such as a plant feasibility research for business, Building bridges between businesses, people, and the environment. Liaised with local environmental organizations to conduct satellite [...]
Responsible for delivering water distribution models using hydrant pressure tests, tank volume, and booster pumping station operation records. Responsible for designing and executing hydrant pressure testing. Responsible for the creation and calibration of municipal water distribution system models. Responsible for delivering quotes to clients for sub-contractors. Performed hydraulic field tests to interpret regional surface water- [...]
Set up Sustainability Goals of the MNC for the year 2020 for the Southeast Asia continent, including offices in Mainland China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Japan, and Hong Kong. Design SDG Integrated CSR Program, Conduct social impact investment, marketing development plans, manage project events Year: 2018-2019 Location: USA Client: MNC OUR PROJECTSRecent Portfolio All10Advisory3Business1Consulting3Finance1Marketing2 [...]
Develop a sustainable transformation strategy of the leading hospitality services in the USA. Calculated utility cost savings of $2.9M over 10 years with the Environmental Management System (EMS) implementation and ENERGY STAR certification of 10 assets. • Led project management to standardize the process for measuring and reporting environmental impact through writing and delivering a [...]
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