Services provided to USA based client on Water Resources

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  • Client : Orange County, USA
  • Category : Consulting
  • Date : 2008

Responsible for delivering water distribution models using hydrant pressure tests, tank volume, and booster pumping station operation records. Responsible for designing and executing hydrant pressure testing. Responsible for the creation and calibration of municipal water distribution system models. Responsible for delivering quotes to clients for sub-contractors.

Performed hydraulic field tests to interpret regional surface water- groundwater interactions in preparation for the expansion of the New York Ramapo Valley Well Field. Tasks included collecting stream velocity measurements, deploying water monitoring transducers, and preparing observational data for subsurface flow modeling

Administered the processing of utility and surface water quality data to identify periods of increased chemical usage, and recommend timeframes to utilize alternative sources of water for cost-effective treatment.

Initiated the analysis of water resource data for over 500 Indiana Community Water Systems to understand operational conditions and future water supply needs. Produced a statewide assessment outlining cost estimates for infrastructure improvements and recommendations for meeting water demands.

Year: 2007-2008

Location: USA

Client: State of Indiana and Ohio, USA

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